Sign Repair

Note:  we do not repair neon beer signs, or other novelty-type neon displays.

We repair neon, LED, and florescent signs and displays.  We also repair some types of electronic message centers from select manufacturers.

Neon repair requires much expertise.  We are experienced and equipped to diagnose, repair, and duplicate neon installations of most types.  We also offer retrofit of both neon and florescent signs to LED.  See our “retrofit” page for more details.

We cannot visit every location that requests a repair estimate (more on that here).  However, we encourage you to send us pictures of your non-working sign and any other information you have.  We can usually give you a no-cost estimate of repair costs.  Our rates are based on the equipment needed and the distance from our shop.  Our pricing for repair work is very fair, and we’ll never waste your time or money, or charge for something we were not able to help you with.

We service the following zip codes:  78702, 78704, 78721, 78723, 78731, 78741, 78746, 78751, 78752, 78753, 78754, 78756, 78758.  Also 78703 and 78705 except the Central Business District (CBD).  These zip codes are based on proximity to us and the types of equipment we have.

Our outside repair work is limited to what can safely be done with the equipment we have.  Generally, most signs up to 15ft off the ground are within our capability.  As with all repair work, send us a picture and description of what you have and we’ll tell you right away if it is something we can help you with.

Historic Restorations

We can rebuild, repair, and improve most vintage and historic neon and electric signs.  Signs of this type include theater and theater-marquees, vintage skin-on-frame signs, pictorial and animated neon signs, and many more.  See the pictures here of the historic Globe Theater in Bertram, TX.  This sign was built in 1939, and had not operated since the 1960’s.  Many metal elements of the sign were missing as well, and had to be re-created.  In the end, all neon and wiring was replaced, while keeping the sign and its look intact.

We also restored the Violet Crown Shopping Center sign on Lamar Blvd.  This icon of the Brentwood – Crestview neighborhoods had not operated since the 1970’s.  The new owner of the property was very interested in restoring this sign back to it’s former glory.

Using old photographs, and interviewing people who remembered the sign working – we completely replaced all of the neon and internal components.  The original “crown” on top was the only design element we changed.  You can see the old one inside Threadgill’s restaurant on Lamar.  We worked on a new crown design that complimented the sign’s design and historic character.

Neon Repair: Proceed with Caution!

We provide neon services for many sign companies and electrical contractors.  Some are excellent, and some are not.  About 20 percent of the neon tubes brought in to us for “repair” are still good.  An inexperienced contractor will often break these good pieces putting them back in.  And when they bring the broken pieces back to us, they do not know how to make the proper templates to have the neon re-fabricated.  Many of these contractors lack the simplest of tools – such as a neon tube tester – for getting the job done properly.

This is a frustrating and expensive experience for all involved.  You should always ask a potential contractor how much experience they have in the area of neon repair.  Neon service is not a difficult skill for an electrical contractor to learn – but it is a specialized niche of the electric sign trade.