We get calls almost every day from folks wanting to get an estimate on repairing their electric sign. We could easily spend half of each week just providing repair estimates, and many of these signs could be repaired in the same amount of time it takes us to travel to the site and perform a diagnosis/estimate.  These trips needlessly drive up the cost for the many regular customers we provide repair services for.

As Austin’s traffic has gotten much worse, the time spent in traffic here becomes an ever increasing issue to mitigate so we are not wasting your money or our time.  Nothing is truly free, and every contractor is either charging you for an estimate or incorporating it into their final price to you.  We like to be transparent about costs up front.  Nobody (including us) like to be surprised by a cost they were not expecting.

We have a solution that has worked well.  Send us a picture of your broken sign.  There is a form on the contact section of our site.  Include as much information as you can, such as description of what is wrong or what is broken.  An address is helpful too.  We’ll take a look and tell you if it is something we can repair, and give you an estimate of costs without charge.