Custom Electric Signs & Lighting

We create beautiful signs and displays, using neon, LED, and other technology.

Our projects range from smaller exterior signs and interior signs of all types, to specialized displays and architectural lighting accents.  We can even provide color-changing LED displays. We love working with local businesses to build unique signage projects that help you tell your story to the world.  Most of our signs are made from durable materials such as metal, glass, wood, and we always love using re-purposed or reclaimed substrates.

Call us, or use the form on our “Contact” page to send us your ideas or wishes for your electric sign needs.

Quality Craftsmanship In Every Type of Project

Even a small electric sign is a project involves many components that must be designed to work together.  Planning should be make to determine both the daytime and nighttime appearance.  In addition to using the highest quality components, all signs should be easy to service.

We approach projects from a holistic perspective.  How it look during the day AND night?  How will it secure to the wall or hang?  Where will the wiring go?